Dead Souls
Dead Souls by GlassMan

Dead Souls is a great Q3 map -- hands down. While I wouldn't have wanted to wait another eight months for this map, it would have been appropriate for him to release this work on Halloween!

GlassMan has really done an awesome job conceptualizing and carving out a very spooky place to get fragged. Very chilling sounds are triggered when players scramble around the dark places and some very haunting new models are placed around the map, like the ominous statue of Xaero (by Oak) with a flaming sword guarding the Quad.

Floors are carved out and suspended by chains above a fog of death. Arched hallways lead to dilapidated great rooms with crumbling walls and broken windows streaming shafts of sunlight giving you a small ray of hope that you might survive another few minutes in this god-forsaken haunted place.

Download this map for an experience of ultimate creepiness!

Reviewed by J f Z

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (61 votes)

Download: Dead Souls by GlassMan