The Regulator
The Regulator by Jared Prince

Two multi-tiered atrium's are linked by confusing loops of copy-and-paste passageways. Two layers of alpha girders cover most of the walls, floors and ceilings, predictably hurting the framerate in the open areas where most of the fighting occurs. Square textures have often been stretched to fit rectangular faces, giving weird distorted girders and oval rivets. In some places large textures have been tiled many times onto small surfaces, further hurting frame rates. Gaudy lighting reminiscent of early Q2 and Unreal custom maps punctuates the endless corridors.

Bots seem to be able to get around OK in DM but spend most of their time waving their fist looking for ammo or weapons. Finding a powerup (Quad, Regen and Haste all in a medium sized arena) seems less of a problem. I do not know why the author decided to add CTF. The CTF game is fairly pointless - the identical corridors are baffling to navigate and the asymmetrical layout is unbalanced.

There is one missing texture (from mapmedia.pk3) which unfortunately effects the undersides of all the galleries surrounding one of the rooms, and a hall of mirrors effect in the roof of one room where a transparent texture has been used on a brush that touches the void.

Not a terrible map but one with too many flaws to be a worthwhile download for most people.

Review by Shallow

Update: The download has been updated to the latest version, which contains a few corrections and other changes from the original release. (29.May.2004)

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (16 votes)

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