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The Regulator
The Regulator by Jared Prince
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Gorf Rep. 220
#9   29 Apr 2015
This map is a 10! The sound effects...the crazy everything going on! Love it. Nice work Jared.
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FragTastic Rep. 1380
#8   03 Mar 2012
Very unusual map to play on. Many textures have been repeated consistently and it lets the map down ):.
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Domitri Joric unregistered
#7   29 Jan 2005
what the fucking crap?.... i love it :)
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Jared Prince (Author) unregistered
#6   27 May 2004
The main link back on the front page is now updated. Thanks Tig :)
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Jared Prince unregistered
#5   19 May 2004
Addendum: That <a href="www.fileplane...0000/136570.shtml" Target="_BLANK">www.fileplanet.com</a> link works even though it doesn't show the full name.
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Jared Prince unregistered
#4   19 May 2004
Yay! FilePlanet finally updated the file, although it still has the added underscore, which means the old link is to an old file.

I've emailed ..::lvl in the hope they will update the new link (The current one is the old link, as of 20th May 2004)

Here is the new link, hopefully it shows up correctly on this page.

<a href="www.fileplane...0000/136570.shtml" Target="_BLANK">www.fileplanet.com</a>

If its just saying "<a href="www.fileplanet.com" Target="_BLANK">www.fileplanet.com</a>" then its left off the "/files/130000/136570.shtml" you'll need to find it. You can also access it via my web page

<a href="psychoticdeath.com" Target="_BLANK">psychoticdeath.com</a>

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#3   02 May 2004
I´m just downloading your updated version.

Regarding CTF and symmetry: mappers have experimented with asymmetrical layouts since the very early days of Q1 CTF. It wasn´t successful, because it´s simply unbalanced and you already have enough trouble with getting the two teams balanced with the player skills. If the game isn´t fair, it isn´t fun.

But there is room for asymmetric CTF style maps in the Threewave mod Capturestrike (CTFS). There is an option to make the teams switch sides every round to make asymmetric layouts balanced.

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Jared Prince unregistered
#2   30 Apr 2004
Sorry, that should be "endless...identical corridors" ;)

And the point of the CTF is just an experiment. CTF's are almost always symmetrical and balanced, but is this absolutely necessary? If the map itself is unbalanced, experiment with unbalanced teams too. Like 2 players versus 3 players, or 2 good players versus 4 bad players. Maybe asymetrical warfare can be fun too. Not fair, but fun.

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Jared Prince (Author) unregistered
#1   30 Apr 2004
I've been trying to update the Fileplanet copy of this map for like 2 months, with no luck. They've even misnamed the file now.(Still, its a free service so I guess I can't complain.) You can get the updated version at my site:

<a href="psychoticdeath.com/quake3.htm" Target="_BLANK">psychoticdeath.com</a>

The update fixes the bugs, has new sounds and a modified layout to reduce the "endless hallways". Hope you like it.

p.s. had to give it a score, what could I do? I opted for a 7, I hope you like it at least that much:)

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