The Flooded Base
Screenshot for The Flooded Base by heXum
Added: 17 Apr, 2004   More than 10 years old
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28 Oct 2008
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Damn... That is some awesome usage of Socks tech set.
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02 Aug 2008
A for Atmosphere. Play with the alien and ripley custom skins. With respect to the review i don't really see this being intended for "fast play" - dark interiors, hidden doors, awkward floors, crates, water all lend themselves to jump-out-of-your-seat claustrophobic and creepy kind of scare. the crates do bob a bit high though. Regarding secrets Quad - there is a shootable switch somewhere in the form of a light; BFG - 1 of the vent fans really isn't what it seems; MH - a corridor you might skip in the dark and on the run; near the BFG a shootable switch in the form of a light in the ceiling - i'm not sure what this is intended for - another secret to be discovered ???
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31 Oct 2007
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Saw the BFG...cannot grab it...
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25 Apr 2004
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The BFG secret was actually easier to find than some of those doors hidden in the inky shadows ;-)

ROT-13ed secret location so we don't spoil it for anyone that wants to find it themselves:

Gur ragenapr gb gur OST frperg vf n fubbgnoyr qbbe oruvaq gur fvatyr sna arne gur whzccnq va gur ebbz jvgu gur CT naq TY

ROT-13 decoder:

<a href="" Target="_BLANK"></a>
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22 Apr 2004
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I enjoyed the play on this map quite a bit as there are good open areas and some nice snipe spots. I did have some trouble figuring out the quad but I enjoy puzzles. The one flaw is getting the BFG. It is also a puzzle, so hard in fact that I have not been able to figure out the way to get it. Three of us have been working on this for about 8 hours now and I find that it is now annoying rather than fun.

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