The Sludgeworkz
The Sludgeworkz by David Wolsey

There is an error in the .arena file. If you want the level to display correctly in the skirmish menu it will be necessary to edit the .arena file and replace 'single' with 'tourney'.

The Sludgeworkz is a difficult map to pin down. The level has some excellent features and some areas that are much weaker. Layout and connectivity work well. Items seem logically and evenly distributed throughout the map. Considering the number of jumps required in certain areas I was pleasantly surprised by how well the bots handle the map.

Generally geometry and architecture are well done. There is some good use of brush work and patches evident. Vis is controlled well, for a large map the frame rate stays pretty healthy in most places.

On the downside, the most significant problem is the texturing. Mostly standard Q3A textures are used. The choice of textures themselves isn't a problem, although going for more originality would have been good. The trouble really is how and where the textures have been applied. The textures don't blend particularly well and in some areas a few too many shaders seem to have been used.

There is some obvious LOD cracking around some of the curves and couple of places where sparklies occur.

Some of the brushes seem rather thin. The platforms and walkways would have looked better if a little more solid.

Lighting seems to have quite a range. Some areas are well lit, whilst others are very dark. There is one spawnpoint in particular where you spawn into almost total blackness.

In short, well worth a look. This is a good map with plenty of interest. I would doubt the level is a classic 'keeper' due to some questionable texturing choices and a few areas that are not as strong as they might have been.

Reviewed by dONKEY

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (7 votes)

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