The Sludgeworkz
Title : The Sludgeworkz
BSP Name : qw3dm1.bsp
Author : David Wolsey
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :
Version : 2.3

MAP Information
Default bots : bones doom hunter major
Fraglimit : 20
Timelimit : 10
Type : Single FFA

Items : Machinegun x2 Ammo
: 2 Plasma Guns x2 Ammo
: 1 Grenade Launcher x2 Ammo
: 1 Rocket Launcher x2 Ammo
: 1 Shotgun x2 Ammo
: 6 - 25 Health
: 23 - 5 Health
: 2 Yellow Armour
: 9 - 5 Armour
: 2 Jump Pads
: 3 Teleports
: 6 Player Spawning Locations

Base : Scratch.
Construction Time : 8 weeks
Compile machine : P3 1GHz with 512MB RAM
Compile Time : 5:30 hrs
Brushes : 3782
Editor used : GtkRadiant-1.3.13
Other programs : GTKbuild
(BSP - Normal)
(VIS - Normal)
(Light -extra -patchshadows -theads 1)
Thanks to : Anwulf for feedback on construction technique and layout suggestions
: BlackDog for the info on Slime and Lave shaders

Map Amendments
V 2.3
Re-worked the teleport destination area by adding a walkway to the exit and opening up the dropdown area. Changed the Shotgun ammo to Yellow Armour and removed the 10 Armour Shards on the ramps to balance the change. Gets the BOTS more interested in the top area.
Added Areaportals and Clusterportals to help the vis and ass.
Switch the position of the Plasma Gun ammo with the Health in the Plasma Gun ammo room.
Changed the slime in the teleport area to lava to help the frame rate.
Player Spawning Location move into circular room between the Plasma Guns and added another on the pipe above the central teleporter, this allows the spawned player the chose to stay in the lower half or to teleport to the top area. Moved the Shotgun ammo onto the far ledge leading to the central teleporter.
Removed the levers off the pump machine in the Plasma Gun room. Making it easier to jump up to the walkway via the machine.

V 2.2
Moved Player Spawning Locations in the Plasma Gun rooms from on top of the walkway to underneath the walkway.
In the teleport location destination area, I have put glass window in the wall where the player would normally exit to stop campers have the advantage. Also removed the grating and slime to allow the player an additional exit straight down to where the health is located.
Moved the Yellow Armour to where the Rocket Launcher used to be.

V 2.1
Added teleporter from Yellow Armour room to Shotgun room.
Jump pads on both sides from Plasma Gun rooms taking the player back up to the Shotgun room added and Player Spawning Locations on steps.
Dropped the pipe and wall lights in the left hand Plasma gun ammo room and added correct textures to the loading bay ramps on both sides.
Swapped the Rocket launcher around for the player spawn location from the yellow armour room, stop all the action-taking place in one place.

Copyright / Permissions
This level is (c) 2003 David Wolsey. This level may be freely distributed only if the complete archive is kept intact and includes this readme file.