Deimos2 by Shub-Niggurath

This map is a marine base on mars. The textures are metal and industry style. The layout is pretty good with a combination of large open areas as well as tight indoor environments. The atmosphere of the map is strong and goes great with the industrial textures theme and architecture. I loved the way the doors slide open. Only problem is that they open slowly, which kinda sucks if your trying to lose someone chasing you. Only other nit-pick I had was one of the stairs by the tower seemed to be at the wrong angle. The action is pretty good with 4 or more players. The more people the better. Bots play pretty good, but tend to stay by the bridge over the water. Overall this map is pretty good.

This map was done well, definite download. I think people will keep it for awhile. Great for a mid-sized LAN.

Reviewed by Bizkit.

Tigs Notes: This level has a few technical issues. Primarily, it is a Boxed Map, a method used to get around LEAK issues. Correcting the leaks and not placing the level in a box would have improved the framerate, bot navigation, compile times and file size (possibly more things too).

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (20 votes)

Download: Deimos2 by Shub-Niggurath