Almost Lost
Almost Lost by id Software

Almost Lost by id Software is a map that Fred Nilsson found straight out of the Quake3 archives, but it was cut for one reason or another. The creation of the map had been started a long time ago, but was never finished. Supposedly it was being created as an homage to the Edge from Q2, but being in the incomplete state that it was in, Fred ended up just finishing the map off, and presented it to the public for their enjoyment. I personally wish that it had been released as a part of the game, but that's just me. =)

It does have similarities to q2dm1, but much smaller in size. All of the Q3 weapon are included bar the BFG, and also a MH which takes some skill to get at. I found a ton of spots where you can stand on the skulls on the walls, and a camping spot is also included, hehe.

Since the release of the map, I haven't taken it out of my baseq3 folder, and I've never been like that with any map. So if that says anything about the maps longevity, than there you have it. In the countless times that I've played it offline against bots, and in the times I've had the opportunity to play it against someone online, the map is pure Tourney at heart. There are so many different strategies to be found that it's sick! Try playing it with the CPMA mod and WATCH OUT!

This map is a straight classic in my opinion, and if you don't have this map yet, than I feel very sorry for you =(


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