The Long Way Home
The Long Way Home by JustOneFiX

Ancient civilization meets mother nature.

Technically speaking, there are plenty of ways to get all the weapons and armor in the structural sense, but I tend to lean the other way. The map is graphically outstanding. Beautiful brushwork. The environmental lighting leaves no room for errors. Not too much light, and just enough to put forth the historical atmosphere in astonishing style.

Item placement is also very nicely placed to compliment smooth gameflow. One thing I noticed right off is the use of texturing. Lots of variety but not so much as to lose interest while running a game.

One thing that is a turn-off is the filesize, but this is quickly forgotten after you set foot in the map itself.

Jump pads are done with no transition gaps at all making sure that you just don't go up in the air, but actually land somewhere useful :)

Should make for some fun matches online and with bots. All hard-drives should have this map.

-Reviewed by ULTRASPANK5

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (95 votes)

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