Dimension Of The Doomed
Dimension Of The Doomed by SoKaR

Another space map by Sokar and a tight one at that. Using Nunuk's textures similar to Kleskonian Curves, this map is surgical in geometry and item placement. The design provides ample room for fast Deathmatches and smooth manoeuvrability.

The structure of the map leads into the smooth gameflow itself. I particularly like the glass in front of the RA, making it somewhat of a challenge to get it. Not too much, not to little here on weapons or armor. This is one of Sokar's best characteristics in his maps.

Along with Capture in Distress, both of these maps should be on anyone's hard drive with a liking for a good space map. I think that anyone who has a server consisting of space maps and even those who don't, should have one of these babies in rotation.

Surgical gameplay, stunning geometric construction. There's 2 reasons to download now.

Reviewed by ULTRASPANK5

Second Opinion

This High Tech space map plays a lot like q3dm17, which is good ;). It shows a few unique ideas including having the Armor behind a glass house. (An area bots don't bother going to, but makes for an ideal area for observing whilst still in the game). The teleports & jump pads are custom built and work well with the rounded edged tech look.

All in all, a good fast paced space map worth downloading.

Sokar is associated with the CROSCENE quake3 group. A shortcut to their comprehensive Croatian site is enclosed in the zip file.

Reviewed by nyxs

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (20 votes)

Download: Dimension Of The Doomed by SoKaR