Wilderness! by Firethrottle

Technically, Wilderness! qualifies as a space map, but due to the clip around the edges of the main platform it's impossible to fall off. It's hard to categorise this map. Each flag base is a courtyard area surrounded by a fence, and the flags are concealed in claustrophobic subterranean tunnels with two ways in but only one way out. This fact, combined with the RL and YA down there makes defense a piece of cake and attack doubly difficult.

The central area consists of a huge platform raised above the main one, complete with four pillars (look for the lizard model perched on top of one of them), 2 x MH and a spawning quad with BFG (not teamed, and a little excessive). Most of the action takes place up here or in the flag courtyards; the surrounding 'grassland' with the trees is rarely used.

FPS is good, considering. Bot play is OK - there are only two ways into each flag base and they always choose the quickest. The skybox depicts a Savannah-like landscape with clouds and a huge reddish-purple planet. Stylistically, it's neither base nor gothic - though with some elements of each. Think: freeway underpass with cemeteries somewhere in the Serengeti.

Not amazing, but a small, unusual and fun download, so what have you got to lose?

- Seremtan

Ranked: 1 out of 5 (39 votes)

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