Wilderness! by Firethrottle
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Gorf Rep. 230
#12   29 Apr 2015
I find this map to be a fun map...Firethrottle....I understand how you feel about people being dicks, people who more than likely could not make a map if their life depended on it. However, if you show them the side of you that, quite honestly is less than professional, they are only going to treat you even worse. My point? It's not worth even answering some of the immature douche-baggery with similar responses.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#11   03 Jul 2011
This map is the result of an ameteur at making Jedi Outcast maps converts it to Quake 3. This is undoubtedly Star Wars because of Yavin Prime in the skybox as well as forests of Yavin IV.
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AngelShadow18 unregistered
#10   28 Aug 2004
OMG cry me a river fire. The only one here that is bitching the most over stupid shit is you.Get the hell over it.If your a (MATURE) adult than why in the hell are you complaining so much over something you feel is so retarded? If were a community of assholes than your a part of it buddy boy. Deal w/it!!!
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Firethrottle unregistered
#9   16 Jun 2004
Thanx, Kaziganthe. This should be a lesson to be remembered. As always you were right, my good friend. But i don't care about that map. Or for map making, even. But i care when small minded people talk aboput me. That, i can't stand. You see there's a kind of racism in this site, like there is every where you go. People think they own things and places, because they were there first or they believe they are better than others. There's no such thing as a better man. I look around and all i see is stupid people that really need to express their opinions. "If it's true for me, then by definition is true". Anyway, i still wonder what drives the commentators (and the reviwers) to be so stiff and mean and petty. Like this "suic1de" guy below you. So my maps ain't the greatest, so fucking what? Is Q3A yours and you all feel so miffed? You have to pass the message that an amateur can't desecrate your holy Arena? Most of you must be children, correct? Because if you are not, too bad for you. Mature men don't waste time like that. Anyway, it feels that i don't belong in this community of assholes. I play Q3A when all else fails, and i posted these three maps with the hope that other guys like me, were tired of downloading huge, worthless ctf maps. And i don't give a flying fuck about your struggle for better architecture.
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not entered unregistered
#8   07 Oct 2003
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me! unregistered
#7   28 Sep 2003
flag rooms too tight!!pretty lame!!very corny!!
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Kaziganthe unregistered
#6   21 Sep 2003
He said that it was an unusual and fun download, don't get so god damn defensive. Is this your first map? Or one of you first maps? If so, you need this time of critisism to become better at mapping. Take it down a notch pal.
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hoboc1de unregistered
#5   21 Sep 2003
jesus fire, shut the hell up. your map sucks and you got a review reflecting that. deal with it. i think the review you got was very kind considering you couldnt have spent more than a day on this map. show some fucking respect, im suprised it was reviewed to begin with.
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fred macmurphy unregistered
#4   20 Sep 2003
i like pie.
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Firethrottle unregistered
#3   20 Sep 2003
Yes, the clip is around what you mean by grassland. But even without the clip, you can't fall to anywhere, you great mapmaker you. There is nowhere to go... And the quad with the bfg are teamed, you stupid cow. Wake up! You want to know why i am so bitter and i keep calling you names? Because it's not about you, you egocentric pig. Whether you like the maps or not. A lot of people out there would have fun with them, and all you do is summary executions. And since whenever having fun is pointless, you tight-ass bitch?
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Seremtan unregistered
#2   20 Sep 2003
Sorry - by "main platform" I meant what you mean by terrain. "Around the edge" might have been less ambiguous.
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Firethrottle unregistered
#1   19 Sep 2003
What clip around the edges of the main plattform, man? Have you actually played the map? The clip is around the edges of the terain. Cool idea this env, don't you think? Saves you about a million triangles!

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