Blood and Iron II
Blood and Iron II by Tscaboid

This is an improved version of the author's tm5_tscaboid (part of Turtlemap 5). The action takes place in a three area, two level old castle-like place that looks absolutely superb.

The plus: the structure and brushwork, with the finishing of a small open area with rocky hills and trees, along with the big wooden beams and other well-designed openings on the ceiling are atmospheric. The texturing (stone, wood, metal) suits the theme and complements the dramatic lighting. Except for the BFG10K, all other guns are present, along with their magazines. Game play with bots is quite fun, lots of running and jumping around.

The minus: very few health items, most of the magazines are in the upper level while the game play is concentrated mostly on the open area which is below, the bases for the weapons and jumppads contradict the author's fine brushwork and detail. Finally, two inexplicably big gaps on the perimeter of the upper level and a couple of jumppads, gave the bots a little trouble.

Generally this map seems more fit for human opponents. The level is recommended by the author for Tourney and the Freeze tag mod. Frame rate was a bit low for my machine (Cel466/Voodoo3).

This one is a grab and keep, for the price of 1.1mb :-)

Reviewed by Firethrottle

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (8 votes)

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