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Blood and Iron II
Tscaboid's Blood and Iron II ============================ to play: Choose from the game menu, or type in the console: /map tscabdm3 ================================================= A fixed/enhanced version of "tm5_tscaboid" This map is for 1v1, TDM and Freeze tag Bots play well in the intended game modes. ================================================= * map title: "tscabdm3" * map file: tscabdm3.bsp * concept: tfz.sp1ne * file size: 1.1 mb * editor: GTKRadiant v1.2.9 with ydnar's q3map2. * build time: 4 days * bot support: Yes ================================================= * Authors: - Tsacaboid (email: **email removed**) ================================================= * Credits: - ID ================================================= * Special Thanks to the devoted play testers: - [tfz]sarah - [tfz]B0ne54w - [tfz]Ed209 - [tfz]Knutty ================================================= * copyrights/permissions Distribution of this zip is to be done in it's entirety, and any commercial use without prior consent is prohibited. The bsp included is not to be used as a basis for further map building. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. UnhappyMan Productions 2003
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