Crash & Burn
by dAde
*** About map ***
Title: Crash & Burn
Map name: q3dade8
Gametype: tournament!, ffa
New textures: no
New sounds: no
New models: no
Build time: 2 days
Programs: Q3Radiant 202, Notepad
Items: 2 x RL
1 x LG
1 x RG
2 x YA

*** About me :) ***
Autor: dAde (Poland)
e-mail: **email removed**
**email removed**

*** Something else ***
This isn`t very large map made especially for tournament game. Map can be play in vq3, OSP or CPMA (I prefer third). There isn`t very much tricks on the map. If you have some questions, something to comment, please send it to me.

*** Thanks for ***
+ TymoN

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