Turtlemap 5
Turtlemap 5 by Various

ThermalTruttleMappor by Fusion - (FFA 2/5 Players): Readme states this was made in 5 hours and is crappy. Considering the build time this map is OK for a quick frag, I loved the outside area looking as if it had been carved from the rock itself, bot play is ok, RG/LG rules.

Basically Gothic by Grudge (FFA/TN/TDM 2/8 Players): It looks great, its very neat with great use of the same textures and has superb game play with item positioning well thought out! I played this here on the LAN with 3 buddies! After extensively testing this with the following : VQ3, OSP CA, CPMA TDM and Freeze Tag! The winning vote was It Rocks! Plain and simple! This map promotes team-play, with a layout and looks to die for! You have to download and try this map its a keeper without a doubt. Bot play is great but to do the map justice LAN it or badger your local server admin!

Noname by AD5 - (FFA 3/5 Players): Another great map considering build time! great looks and great game play, item positioning is ok all told a lot of fun! Texturing can get a bit repetitive considering it is pattern intensive. FFA was a real blast, bots play well but it can get a little tight in the corridors. Use real people and LAN it! I look forward to more with a longer build time.

Iron Core II by Akuma - (TN/FFA 2/4 Players): Looks to die for with fast game play to match! The map is very plain but uses a lot of the same to great effect, it feels like the title suggests made of Iron. Bot play is good but becomes predictable, a 4 man FFA was great but a Tourney game excels using the CPMA mod. LAN it!

The Shams by Equim - (FFA/TN 2/5 Players): Item placement is superb with a texture set to die for. Great use of large sections of textures broken up by blocky architecture splitting between levels. A 5 man FFA was a blast. With a 2 vs 2 TDM game excellent. Bot play is ok but bots being bots head for the lowest point, to appreciate the fast game play play a Tourney game and LAN it. It would be nice to see the author take the map and release a V2 tweaked for CPMA play.

Kariokope Mangiragao by Gear (CTF/FFA 2/8 Players): The layout is very simple, with a bridge & two base camps. Item positioning is good, not too much ammo and well spaced out! (REGEN so close to MH is questionable though). The map creates a sort of medieval/fantasy feel very well considering the build time, Bots love the water, so a LAN game recommended here. Nice camping spots on the ledges of the towers for Rail Gunners to protect the base, but with proper team work they can be removed. Great fun, FFA was not really that great, compliment this with some Fantasy themed skins and LAN away! Great map, loads of fun!

Half Assed Map of Darkness by Geoffrey Dewam - (FFA 4/8 Players): This map is very plain and very dark in places, I liked the main arena/stadium area. Item positioning is ok, but you will struggle to tool up with a maximum capacity crowd. Given the criteria for build, its ok but nothing spectacular, would be nice to see the author try again taking longer.

The Last Place You Want To Be by Keditok - (CTF 6/8 Players): This small/medium CTF was a heap of fun! Item positioning is ok, with the overall layout being very simple a small 3 vs 3 game shone with CTF. The texturing is somewhat 'blocky' with vast slabs of this and that. Would be nice to see the author invest more time in another CTF map, because this one shows a great deal of promise from a simple design. The looks aren't everybody's cup of tea, but the game play isn't that bad anyway. LG/RG tend to own a bit. Bot play is good but gets predictable. Nice CTF map for a LAN, to really frustrate your buddies go for some CTF instagib!

tm5_mr by Mr - (FFA/TN 2/6 Players): The metal supports with the plexi -glass tm5 logo as a roof/cover are excellent! Texturing can get somewhat confused with great jumps from one to another. The outside area looks great. The inside needs just a little bit more thought. Item placement is questionable at times but this still won't stop you having a fun few frags with bots or your mates on a LAN. The author says himself it can get a little cramped at times, but thats the pressure of a 7 day build time.

tm5_shallow by Shallow[BAP] - (FFA/TN 2/6 Players): Another good map for a few frags, FFA was a fun game, bots seem to play reasonably well. Some nice architecture, I liked the iron sections on the bridges but I found the texturing can become a bit repetitive/overbearing in sections. Game play is ok, FFA for a mad frag or Tourney game for a quickie. A good effort considering the build time.

Blood and Iron by Tscaboid - (FFA/TN 2/6 Players): Makes for a fun FFA but a TDM game is best, item placement is good making you work to reload, bot play is excellent, they will take all armour and items except MH. Considering this map was made in a week, it is top notch! A Tourney game is fun, but TDM is the order of the day. I tried a 3 vs 3 Freeze Tag game on a LAN and it rocked! The rail can be a big winner, but offset by the RL/PG/SG proximity (maybe too close?) The FT game is over either very quickly or drags on to a stealthy 1 vs 1, so in a way you get to appreciate all the qualities of the layout. Very simple, yet very good. It would be nice to see the author pull this map too one side and dwell on it a while, its a great map a must for FT players and considering the build time A+.

tm5_Vaarscha by Vaarscha - (FFA/TN 1/3 Players): This arena demonstrates a great idea represented with only 8 hours mapping behind it. If you enjoy rolling around in someones intestines for a good frag get it. A great concept for an arena. The author gives no clues as too player count. For me, 2-3 players is enough. Bot play is ok but they struggle. Browse the Polycount libraries for a Tape Worm model and make your buddies puke at your LAN party!

Reviewed by EBUK.

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (16 votes)

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