Turtlemap 5
19 October 2002

Turtlemap 5

This PK3 contains 11 maps from various authors made within a strict 1
week timelimit.

To play the maps you can simply choose them from the standard quake 3
menu, or you can bring down the console (` or ~ key) and type:
/map mapname
where mapname is the filename of the bsp.

The filenames are:
tm5_ad5 (FFA)
tm5_akuma (FFA / Tourney)
tm5_equim (FFA / Tourney)
tm5_fusion (FFA / Tourney / Team)
tm5_gear (CTF)
tm5_grudge (FFA / Tourney)
tm5_gryndehl (FFA)
tm5_keditok (CTF)
tm5_mr (FFA / Tourney)
tm5_shallow (FFA)
tm5_tscaboid (FFA / Tourney)
tm5_vaarscha (FFA)

All maps have bot support.

- The Speedmap admin team (Akuma and Equim)

irc.telefragged.com #speed