Xeronimous by <<<ALIEN>>>

<<<ALIEN>>>'s companion map to his floater map zaxxonia. Xeronmous is his first effort at map making, and it did not turn out to bad at all. This bluish space floater uses standard Id Tech textures and a few tossed in from Evillair. The feel is basic tech and a little stark in a blue sort of way.

The level is made up of a series flat platforms all within close jumping distance of each other. Levels are staggered and easily reachable via jumppads. A central hub platform at the middle of the map sports jumppads to most points of the map and allows for trick jumping. The uppermost platforms sport a Quad. The open platforms are broken up by the inclusion of stark blue black monoliths that offer just a little bit of cover..

Weapon and item placement is just kind of "there" and neither hinder or help game play. A Quad and a MH can be found along a RA and assorted health balls and shards. Weapons are light with a SG, RA, PG, and of course that good old floater standard, the RG.

Being a first map, it is not without problems. The gaps between levels make it all too easy to run off or miss a jump. For all the cover monoliths, it's still pretty flat map. Also the upper platform really encourages camping, but for all the nit picks, it plays pretty well.

Bot play is OK. Hunter is the only bot and she will chase you all over the place. The only problem is that she falls through the gaps of the map just like you will making the map a low scoring affair.

A simple space floater worth at least a look.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Ranked: 2.6 out of 5 (4 votes)

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