>>> QUAKE 3 ARENA <<<


map : xeronimous.bsp

gametyp : deathmatch

autor : <<<ALIEN>>>

e-mail : **email removed**

homepage : home.arcor.de/shopzz

: www.q3a.org

clanpage : www.q3clan.de

info: after installing the q3radiant, to see what all the guys are playing with,
i also decided to play a bit with the features i get
i decided to learn a bit by making my own map ;-)
trying to combine a good conectivity with a good item placement
resulting a nice gameplay, i made my first map " xeronimous "
ok, i know myself,this is not perfect,but i build it in 1 week
besides reading most of the tutorials i got (thx 2 all)
another few days i needed, pondering over the lightning

usages: i used the default q3a-textures, but i made them a bit more blue,
so i renamed them to have it more easier ( i think one is from evil-lair)
i took the respawn-models from evil-lair and the gargoyl-model from case
have a look at their pages:

case ??? **email removed**

more infos at:

www.planetquake.com/polycount //look at map-models

so get quaked everybody