Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes
Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes by WangButter

This largish tech themed maps. supports Q3A-CTF, TA, and Threewave and is a solid well put together map. The focus of the map is two huge towers that have a Bespin cloud city like feel to them. The flag is stuck on a platform over a drop into the fog O Death in the center of the tower, but is easily accessible by any number of passages, stairways, and drop-offs that ring it, and make it a fun challenge to defend and to take. Make sure to take the MH ride that shoots you up out of the towers. With proper air control you will land on a trap door that drops straight onto the flag. Two easy to follow passages will allow you to enter the huge central room that has another tall tower and a web of platforms to help you ditch any pursuers as you run for home. The mapper makes use of textures by Evil Lair and a sky box by Kabal. The end result is a good looking map.

Game play is good with only one problem. One of the entrances to the flag towers is a long and narrow passageway that allows for somebody to camp and frag any thing coming down it pretty easy. Other than that it is easy to learn the map routes and you have a lot of ways to nail the flag.

All weapons, except the BFG, are scattered about the level and easy to pick up. My only quibble is that the RA is about two steps away from the flag. Ammo is nicely spread out for easy harvest as you head to or away from the flag room. Item and health placement is good also. Power ups include a Regen and a MH for each flag base. The MH is at the arc of a wild jump and requires good air control to snag. The center room features a Haste and a Quad to grab.

TA support includes all the Modes of Game play but oddly enough no TA weapons. Harvester is by far the most fun. Overload is some what problematic because it is to easy to snipe at the skull from semi concealment. I do not have Threewave so I leave the judgement up to you.

Bot play is okay. The pathing seems all right, they attack and defend ok, but do not do anything that make them stand out on this level.

Well worth your download time. An unusual CTF map.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes by WangButter