Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes
Title Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes
Date May 23 2002
Filename map-wangctf1.pk3
Author WangButter aka diLLo aka Stanley Chan
Email Address **email removed**
Description A large base / tech themed CTF map. The map design is
centred around three big towers. I basically got the
idea for the design after looking at a classic
"Towers of Hanoi" puzzle in which you have to move
a stack of different sized disks from one "tower"
to another.

The map name came about when I was first designing the
bases, I thought they looked like very large sexual
devices. The design has changed quite a bit since then
but the name sorta stuck for better or worse. :D

Each base resides within a huge tower with the flag
housed on a platform in a large central room. The
megahealth floats on top of each base, accessible
by a scenic route. You can also use air-control to
slow your flight to the megahealth so you drop in
on the flag from above.

The centre tower is where the offensive powerups spawn
in regular CTF, and where the neutral flag is housed
in TA.
Play Information

Gametypes Regular Q3 CTF
Threewave CTF (Supports CCTF, CTFS)
TA (Supports all TA gametypes)
Players at least 4v4
Bots Yes
Weapons Every weapon except BFG
Map Size Huge
Textures Used Kabal's darkhollow skybox -
Evil Lair's Metal textures -
Compile / Map Information

Programs used:
GTKRadiant 1.1.1
GTKRadiant 1.2.7
Q3MAP 1.0 (bsp & vis)
Ydnar's Q3MAP 2.0.1
Q3ASE (lightmap editing)
Notepad :D

Total Brushes: 8774
Entities: 541
Net brush count 8123

Q3MAP -bsp ~ 100 seconds
Q3MAP -vis ~ 500 seconds
Q3MAP -light -fast -super 2 -bounce 3 ~ 10,000 seconds

Map extremeties: (-512, 512) to (7168, -7168) -> just under 8000 units x 8000 units in size

Installation and Notes

Unzip the file and place the PK3 in your baseq3 directory.
Start up Quake, bring down the console and type "\map wangctf1"

Please note that you will need the latest Quake 3 point release (1.31)

This is my first officially released map for Quake III Arena.
It was quite a learning experience, especially struggling
with the limitations of the Quake III engine, battling with r_speeds
and map layout, and trying to design a map that not only looked good but
had good gameplay as well.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel
free to email me at **email removed**

Thanks for downloading my map, I hope you like it!