SpaceArena 1
by Deek
SpaceArena 1 by Deek

The concept for this map is a grand one. Picture a Starport in deep space with ships queuing up to fuel at a trapped black hole in the center of the Starport. Well the idea is grand, but execution is just plain wretched.

This map is shot through with every problem you can possibly have on a map. corners are not clipped so you get hung up on any buildings you pass. The frame rates are appalling, you will find your self jerking across the map by your self, without any other players or bots. The lighting is primary garish with all the colors of the rainbow showing up and even sometimes all mixed together.The best description I have comes from my eight year old Godson who kept shouting "EWWWW" every time I entered a new building or starship.

Game play is non-existent. The building and Starships are interconnected by teleporters that can only be reached through tight non clipped passage ways that are big enough for only one person. Add to this a plethora of doors and lifts to slow the game flow down even more. The Starships are just tight little snipers nests to allow you to camp and shoot at the poor souls down on the main platform.

Items are tossed hither and yon, you can find all the power ups and of course all the weapon types are on the map, especially Rail Guns. You will just be tripping over those. The BFG is very hard to reach unless you find the flight.

Bot play is just sorry. They mainly stay on the main platform. The doors and lift in the buildings confuse them and they hurtle themselves off into the void or into the black hole with shocking regularly. This looks like a map for Cranky Steve.

Download for shock value only. Go ahead. I dare you.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Missing textures? Grab the mapmedia.pk3. Thanks to Mapsking for the info about the missing textures. 5th Oct, 2019

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (13 votes)

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