SpaceArena 2
by Deek
SpaceArena 2 by Deek

The second of the SpaceArena maps. This map is set around a black hole that is collapsing. The map supports FFA, DM, CTF, and Tourney modes and is just appalling in all of them. The map makes cunning use of at least three or four textures and the lighting is primary colors. Ships hover around the black hole and serve as flag bases in the CTF version. Chances are you will never reach them however. Small buildings are set on opposing the ships. The passages are to tight take you down to a messy array of sub levels.

Game play? Fah who needs it. Weapons placement for good game flow? Nope just lots of them and ammo to boot. Problem is what to shoot at.

Bot play is just sad. The CTF versions comes with usual suspects, who spend a lot of time falling into the black hole or off into the void. All other modes feature Anarchy, who is quite confused. Most of the time he gets stuck inside a ship that's next to impossible to reach, so you will never have a bot to play with. Shoot yourself, it's the most fun you will have on this map. Cranky Steve's gonna love this one.

Please God, make it stop!

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (11 votes)

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