SpaceArena 1
by Deek
SpaceArena 1 by Deek
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#13   24 Mar 2012
Tested! & the map is awful )':. It was laggy and Gameplay sucked. Textures were ok but in some places the computer kept on crashing and I had to keep restarting. So it has to be 3/10
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#12   12 Mar 2012
Haha! This looks like a very funny space map. I'm going to test it out and give it a try and give you the feedback once I have played and tested.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#11   23 Jun 2011
Review was harsh. But I see that it was accurate in some places. Such as the sun being flat, lack of stars and other visuals to get better. But hey, at least the map shows up on the menu with bot support. But its also too dark.
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Anonymous unregistered
#10   17 Apr 2010
Actually this map works fine on my computer. One of the Most fun maps I have. I like the ship coming from the wormhole(usable teleport) And the defence turrets (plasma turrets)
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SW12 unregistered
#9   16 Apr 2010
This map looks really cool. But are you commenting bad because it crashes your computers or Lag as hell or just don't work? If so, I can understand your argument. Otherwise I want the map.
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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#8   11 Nov 2002
Is it not funny that a map this bad draws so many comments?
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Banal Terror unregistered
#7   10 Nov 2002
I think Meatboy was very generous in his review. I found this map to be practically unplayable, and to have little originalitiy. There are many space-maps with similar themes that are done right, especially in Unreal Tournament. The problem with most of these maps is that it is extremely difficult to create a beautiful map with acceptable FPS. The idea is not original, and the reason we don't see more maps that use this theme is not for lack of concept, but because the Quake 3 engine isn't really designed for this sort of map.

In summary, I found the concept unoriginal and the execution pathetic. I've made a few maps, each one better than this garbage, but still I wouldn't dream of inflicting my creations upon other Quake 3 players. It's rude to waste people's time by releasing such garbage that will be wiped from HDs after a single up-close look at the level.

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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#6   01 Nov 2002
Oh yeah one other idea for you Gigantes. There is a fourth spacearena map waiting on the map queue for reveiw. I did not do it because it was missing a fair amount of textures. It is also a concept map. Why dont you download it and write a reveiw for it.
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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#5   01 Nov 2002
Opps the post below is mine. I just for got to mane myself/ Nrrrr.
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not entered unregistered
#4   01 Nov 2002
This a point that I quess we have to agree to disagree. A amp that you use to devlop a rough concept is not one you put on display. Instead you polish and finsh the concept in a workable map to bring to the public. Most prototypes are just cobbled together to as a testbed and look nothing at all like the finshed product.

Yes, there are a lot of tech and goth maps out there. First time mappers tend to these texturesbecause they come with Q3 Radient. And it it easy to use them. With that being said there are plenty of simple, plain Goth and tech maps that just rock because the are well thought out maps with a lot of care given to game play. Deek may be trying to do some thing but it is just lost in all the awful gameplay. In fact If you run all the way back in LVLs maps back to the first pages. I bet you wil find many maps simlar to Spacearena in playabilty and style.

I always encourge someone to explore new concepts but in the End I want a map to play on not just to look at and I want gameplay to be enjoyable. I base my reveiws of a map highly on it's playability and construction. Spacearena has nieither of these things working for it. Ideas and concepts are great but the succesfulexecution of a concept is what makes a map a keeper, not the concepts.

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gigantes unregistered
#3   01 Nov 2002
actually, meatboy, i think you write intelligent, thorough reviews overall, so i've gotta give YOU some props...! there are plenty of airhead 13-yr old reviewers it seems who couldn't write a review to save their lives, and whose ending comment is always something like: "go for it, dude!" (meaning D/L it)

but the area where i completely disagree with you is when it comes to the purpose of a demo map... at this point we all have so many Q3A maps on our hard-drives that it makes no difference to me whether a demo has gameplay or not, because plenty of maps that are well-executed and DO have gameplay wind up sitting unplayed, anyway... at this point, i think most of us only have the time or the interest to play the maps that hit a 'homerun' on all design-fronts, so the only real virtue of everything else is whether it contains a good idea...

sure, we can agree that the gameplay is wretched on these spacemaps, but can't we also say deek has some GOOD IDEAS? if somebody was inspired by one of his creations to do a proper spaceport job, then i would say 'mission accomplished'... there's already a multitude of maps that are painstakingly-crafted in all areas and yet contain little originality... i mean, how many more fargin' base, goth and tech maps do we need? who exactly are we trying to impress? people who download it and say 'nice-looking map', and then a week later have forgetten about it for the next clone map to hit the scene?

what about encouraging people to be brave enough to try new concepts, like the entes and bubbas of the world? games like quake and doom are here in the first place because of their innovation (and quality)... if something stops growing, it dies, and i have seen little innovation in Q3A maps for some time... even quake is no different- people will defect to the new UT and doom unless there are new possibilities to keep Q3A fresh...

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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#2   31 Oct 2002
I thought that I did just that in the first paragraph. A demo or concept map is a good thing. However, it should be a workable concept. We all what to play a map as well as look at it, and if you are honest, you have to admit that gameplay just stinks on this map.

Some great concept maps are MDVo8 pure ugly, and look at Quint's Beast maps. All go in new directions and the gameplay is passable to allow you to enjoy the map.

The other thing about these maps is they feel so unfinshed, and no care was taken to fix small things that make a good map. Clipping surfaces is time consumming I know,Working on frame rates are a pain, but they are big things to make or break a map.

By the way, having no jump pads or accelerators is not by any means ground breaking. Quake 1 & 2 had just that, and lifts can be made to work fine, but not in tight little hallways that only one person can use at a time.

You also bring up a valid point on weather concept maps should be published, and in my view the awnser is yes if the concept is deserving. Look, I know how hard it is to make a map. I have made a few myself. However till my skills are good enough to produce a enjoyable map, I will not publish what I make. Ideas and concepts are fine but if you prouduce them in a unplayable map they will be tossed out as garbage. This map deserves to be tossed out.

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gigantes unregistered
#1   30 Oct 2002
meatboy, i also dare YOU to write a review which is of any use to anybody... it's true that there's not much gameplay here, but you don't expect it from demo maps, and that's what this map essentially is...

give the guy some props for an imaginative layout and innovative design aesthetic... there's millions of bouncy spacemaps that all resemble one another, but this is a fascinating little taste of a new direction that one could go in...

some people are idea-men, not finishers... give this guy some credit for the positive things he accomplishes and stop making yourself feel so superior by dwelling on the negatives... it's not like this is the first time someone's made a demo for quake!

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