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Takkie Rep. 1798
#6   06 Apr 2015
Quite a good map. Space maps are easy to fail. There is variation in height here. Functional platforms. Just a bit big, for me it could have been smaller because i like instagib. Now it is still mostly point and click. Still i enjoy this one.
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#5   09 Jul 2012
I did not understand a thing what mark just said but it is a very well constructed map. The only problem I had with the map was the Skybox. I didn't understand why a space floater is going to be floating over a sea with a red sky. It just didn't make sense to me but other than that a very good map. 8/10
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#4   11 May 2009
all nighter + space map madness + atmosphere + dawn = zaxxonia, as gon 2 = midmorning/arvo in summertime, & far and away + oingo boingo = 2 in the morning
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-*DMF*-ORANGE9mm unregistered
#3   27 May 2003
Excellent map. Bots play well on this one and it's different every time I play it. I'll be hanging on to this one!
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CARCASS unregistered
#2   30 Oct 2002
The file in archive is corrupted and I just can't extract it to my baseq3 folder..... check that file pls and, if it is possible, reply to my icq # 508610..... thnx
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nirvana unregistered
#1   28 Oct 2002
simple layout, but nice atmosphere and fast gamepay,

what do you want more ?

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