Cold Metal
by Geit
Cold Metal by Geit

This map created and tested by members of the Chicken Team. The actual author listed for the map is Geit. The maps is a medium Tourney map with 2 main levels of play to it. These levels are connected via 2 curved stairways in the main level, a couple of jumppads, and 2 teleporters to keep things moving. The level is designed with a nice circular flow to the game play which will keep bringing you back to the center of the action. Nice job on the brushwork with enough detail so that you do not feel like your running down empty halls but with enough restraint so that the r_speeds stay low. The textures are from a tech collection by Sock with a couple of textures from Evillair and Lunaran used as well. The skybox and light models are also Sock's work. Geit uses them to near perfection. The only problem that I found is one of the grate textures on the second tier does not have a weapon clip brush over it so you can shoot through it. Maybe this was done for game play reasons, I dunno, it just did not seem right. The level is well lit from both the skybox shader and the lights throughout the level. No problem seeing the target on this map.

Conclusion: Overall Geit did a spot on job with both the brushwork and the texturing. The environment is believable and very fast paced. I could only find one thing wrong with the map and this might have been intentional so no points off there. Get this map! It's well worth the download.

Reviewed by Z_Buffer

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (35 votes)

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