flip_tourneypack by flipmode

4 Tourney maps from flipmode. Two of them seems to have been inspired by the geocomp2: Binurah and Daath.

DAATH (6-10 plyr): Large diamond shaped layout with side rooms. Open spaces and very nice architecture. Teleporter takes you to a perpetual armor and health powerup room.

BINURAH (4-6 plyr): 3 level cylinder with connecting corridors and some jump pads. Visually impressive but vertical play is not great.

RAILGROUND (2-6 plyr): Gothic, 3 level open arena with better vertical play than Binurah. Lower level is quite dark with no weapons there.

SPIN 1/2 (4-8 plyr): Sort of figure 8 layout with oval shaped hallways. You can run up the wall for vertical advantage.

All maps: bots play well, all weapons but BFG. I'll keep them all except Binurah.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (8 votes)

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