Eye Of The Storm
Eye Of The Storm by bwf & Shub-Niggurath

Eye Of The Storm is a great map; very small with Rocket Launchers that only give 3 rockets, many bounce-pads and a lot of extra rooms to move around in. It seems as though many of the features of the map are largely understated. The map has fantastic look and feel to it. I love the James Bond-esque glass-bottomed swimming pool.

Bots are stupid. They tend to find the teleport pathway and just follow it around ad-nauseum. You'll want a friend or two to play this level. Game play wise, the map is designed in such a way as to really make you think about your next move. The teleport pathway is pretty enticing because of its high rewards for such little effort. However, item placement has been well thought out and this helps to keep the game even and tight.

Worth it? Yes.

Reviewed by Daniel

Second Opinion

First off this map is drop dead gorgeous. Done primarily in yellows and gold's the map just glows and is a pleasure to look at. The mappers have put a lot of effort in.

The map is a tight little DM level with a limited weapon selection that works well. Inside you will find a PG, SG, RL, and a GL. Powerups are an INVS and HASTE. Along with a YA and RA. The map moves real fast and is very vertical, in fact it is to vertical for my tastes. The problem is that most of your time is spent hopping from level to level. The landings are just to tight for combat and you will spend a lot of time getting fragged at the top of a jump.

The other thing the map lacks is good flow, Weapon and ammo placement is kinda haphazard forcing you to stop frequently to gather weapons and items. The weapon mix is nice for the map but too cut up. Health placement is fine but you have to put in a little extra effort to harvest it. In short the map could use a lot more tinkering in the gameplay department.

Bot play is fine and they move about the whole map.

Great looking map with some gameplay flaws. Some will keep it.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Eye Of The Storm by bwf & Shub-Niggurath