by acid
bern.stein.zimmer by acid

A unique map from the eye candy point of view, which can't be defined as a base, a floater, or anything else. Basically, you're in a glassy, roofless labyrinth posed on some pillars. Although the author uses only very few textures, the map has a unique look, with a very even lighting that really makes you feel in a different world. If it weren't because of two tiny nitpick, a 2x2 units brush overlap, and a very small missing brush, the brush work would have been close to perfection, considering the 900 curves. You'll have to use vertex lighting if your box is not chewy. On the game play department, you have a good connected map, with plenty of open spaces, and some verticality. The placement of the red and yellow amours, and the mega-health, all placed in the upper level (a rocket jump high), is good and gives the map a good flow. The rest of the item placement, specially the Rail Gun, is ok, although the Lightning Gun could have been placed in a more strategic position. The map may be large for 1v1 games, making a 4 players FFA or a 2 on 2 TDM the best choice. Bots play decently but they won't use jump pads, which restricts game play.

A very nice addition to your map collection.


Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (23 votes)

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