Utopia by Anton

This map is a boxmap, and a really bad boxmap at that. There are good boxmaps, check out Whitemeat from the Meatpak for example. Alas, there is nothing fun in this one. The map consists of a big square high walled courtyard with ledges that run all around the walls one right on top of each other. Narrow ledges criss cross from side to side to meet at a large ledge that runs down the center and all are made from a thrilling single floor texture not to be confused with the single thrilling wall texture. The ground floor is mostly open except for a few plants and a lake that completely bisects the map. By the way the lake is so deep that you will half drown swimming to the bottom and back, fun.

Weapon and ammo placement is horrible. Weapons and gross amounts of ammo within two steps of each other abound throughout the map along with multiple weapon types right next to each other. All powerups but the regen and the Battle Suit are featured. The fly power up will allow to look at the lovely HOM at the edge of the boxmap. Bot play is just sorry, they spend most of the time running around the upper ledges.

Avoid this map like the plague. However it makes a good "How not to" tutorial.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Second opinion

A large box map with dry architecture and bland dark texturing. The size of this map and lack of cover (plus the only Rail Gun located on a high tower in the center of the map) makes it a rail-campers dream come true. The height and layout of the level makes for repetitive game play of long falls and wide jumps that drain life. Forcing you to jump, run for health, fall, run for health again.

On a positive note, the bots played fine. The flight and Quad Damage do add some flavor (you get a very flying angel of death feel cruising with a Rail Gun or rocket launcher in hand). The Quad is at the bottom of a deep pool, leaving you wide open while you race to get it. You are dropped onto the flight at the top of the map via a teleporter located at ground level which is more less in the middle of nowhere.

I do not recommend this map, however, with a bit of work it could make a good 1v1 rail only map.

Review by EvilAndLazy

Ranked: 2.1 out of 5 (6 votes)

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