Utopia by Anton
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#10   09 Nov 2023
Look, I just thought it was designed to be a fun map as a LAN with a large player load. The extra health is good for that. And the water is fun if you want to take a group for a swim. plus the rg tower provided a king of the hill set-up for those who wanted to take it. The lighting is what hurt it the most for me. And some extra teleports/jumpads for quicker navigation so players aren't wasting time finding a fight.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#9   22 Apr 2015
Maps that have hazards and traps are excellent for modifications like Hunt (my favorite Q3 Co-Op mod). Emerge Station (lvlworld.com/review/id:1752) was a perfect example of a map with single-player/co-op essence, where you are trying to get from Point-A to Point-B. On your way there, you have to overcome obstacles such as forcefields you must find the controls to and turrets you need to avoid, in order to find the artifacts while fighting various types of monsters.

This map however, just has the deep pool for a hazard. With a certain type of grapple hook (the classic version in Hunt), it takes little effort to just get through the cage when an artifact is there, nab the artifact & goods, and leave when the monsters begin spawning and down.

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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#8   08 Aug 2002
Maps with hazards are fun. But you want the hazards to add spice to a map. Not be the reason for the map. A huge pool of lava with lots of little rocks to jump on takes your attention away from the fragging to hopping about like a game of Donkey Kong.

Hazards that damage should always have a way out of them within easy reach of the entry point and deadly hazards should have some sort of warning to cue the player of what is about to happen to them. Case in point. A space map with narrow ramps, tight turns and no edge barriers rapidily becomes boring since all you do is plunge to your death. However a space map with enough room to move about and some edge protection. Will give good game flow and the spots that are unprotected just become a part of doing bussiness on the map. Fine examples of this can be found in both "Quint's" and Nuuk's" Maps.

Your to deep lake is a hazard that detracts from the map. Sure there is a BFG down there, but it will take me close to thirty seconds to reach it while half killing myself in the process. Why bother. Still I am happy to see you making maps. Keep it up.

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Anton unregistered
#7   02 Aug 2002
Sorry, this is maybe my "single player syndrome" :)
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EvilAndLazy unregistered
#6   01 Aug 2002
we dont like 'harmless' maps, we just dont like maps taht need more attention than the people were matching agasint.. its all multiplayer remember.
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Anton unregistered
#5   30 Jul 2002
This is "fort" prefab downloaded somewere..

I just rebuilded it a bit.

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Kell unregistered
#4   30 Jul 2002
Well, the central tower looks like the one from the WTF-Q3A plasmagun map. It looks very cool. The rest of the map looks like a freeway intersection.
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Anton unregistered
#3   30 Jul 2002
Maybe it'll be fun with only rails. =]

As for me - I like dangerous environment too (but here is only very deep pool, actually).

That's why I made, for example, a slime, which totally kills you, in my "chemical arena" map (it's here at LvL).

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   30 Jul 2002
Nah, your opponents should be dangerous, not the environment ;)

I´ll try your map with the Corkscrew mod (Rail only mod), it doesn´t look that bad on the screenshot.

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Anton unregistered
#1   30 Jul 2002
Hm, hm.

2 different reviews.

In any case - thanks guys, both of you.

Now couple words from me.

This map is my second one. I didn't played Q3A to much when I made Utopia. So this is just an experiment, what to do, and what not.

Btw - why do you like easy playing? (not falling, not dying, not drowning) :)

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