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acid3dm2 - bern.stein.zimmer

Title : bern.stein.zimmer
Date : 13-4-2002
Filename : map-acid3dm2.pk3
Author : [Acid]
Email Address : **email removed**
: (best to visit my site and get my current email address)
Website : www.acidquake.de

Description : made for the tpmc mapping contest by betamap.de. the first map i'm really
: proud of. best to play with 1on1 tourney or tdm.

Additional Credits to : id software, gekitsu, beenieman


- Play Information -

Players : 2 - 10
Bots : yes
Weapons : 2 shotguns, railgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, shaft


unzip the the zip file map-acid3dm2.zip into your quake3\baseq3 directory.
start quake3 and either select it from your map list or press tilde to enter the console and type:
"/map acid3dm2"
press enter

- Construction -

Base : none
Editor(s) used : q3Radiant202
Known Bugs : map got no hintportals because of the open ceiling, jumppads don't work with "g_synchronousclients 1", bots don't : use the jumppads
Build Time : the layout was ready since 4/11/2001, i built the whole map in 4 days
Textures used : id textures
Models used : none
Compile machine : xp 1800+ with 512 megs ddr-ram
q3map compile Time : TOTAL - 133 seconds
: BSP - 1 seconds
: VIS - 5 seconds
: LIGHT - 127 seconds
Brushes : about 2156, aprox. 900 curves

- Copyright / Permissions -
You may not include or distribute this map in/with any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author.

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