Hong Exploder
Title : Hong Exploder
BSP Name : hongx.bsp
Author : Wren Hong & Johnny Hong
Release Date : 9th June, 2002.
Email Address : **email removed**, **email removed**
Home Page : www.planetquake.com/hongweb
Game : Quake 3 arena DM
File size : 3.1 Mb

Description : Hong Exploder is a tight multi-level deathmatch arena modelled in the base style.
All the weapons, except BFG, are included, the power-up is a Quad/Haste random spawn.
We have made much more effort in this level than previously to get a good combination
of killer gameplay with good graphics and brush detail. This map has also been an
experimentation of the numerous optimisation techniques available in the software to
keep the framerate as high as possible for your fragging enjoyment.
Any constructive criticism is gratefully received, there is always more to learn :)

Additional Thanks to : Mesh Hong for help with testing, texture ideas and the great "Exploder" logo
on the loading screen. Thanks also to the makers of the ikbase texture set
which we dipped into heavily.

Previous work : Wren Hong:- Johnny Hong:-
[Q3TA] hh-ta - Hong Heaven [Q3] awg4 - Liquid Hong
[Q3] hruin - Hong Ruin [Q3] awg3 - A Watery Grave III
[Q3] hrdm - Hong Reactor [Q3] awg2 - A Watery Grave 2
[Q3] hvoid - Hong Void
[Q3] hcdmv2 - Hong Castle

* Other HONG Maps *

Mesh HONG: HONG Grand Central, HONG Madness, HONG Academy


* MAP & Play Information *

Deathmatch : 4-8 players
Team dm : 3 vs 3 ideal
Tourney : no
Ctf : no
Bot file (aas) : yes
New Textures : 14 textures from ikbase, 2 from mapmedia, 2 from unknown (but cheers to the author)
New sounds : no

* How to play * : place hongx.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder then start quake3arena.
The map should appear on the map select screen
If not hit ~
type /map awg4

* Construction *

Base : from scratch
Construction Time : about 2 months, on and off
Build programs : q3map =)
Build Time : 162 minutes
Compile machine : AMD Athalon T/Bird 750 with 512Mb sdram
Total brushes : 3193
Entities : 305
Models : none
Editor used : GTK Radiant 1.1.1
Other programs : psp7, PhotoShop 5...
Known Bugs : none that we'vew spotted ;)


* distribution / copyright / permissions *

this level may be electronically distributed only at
no charge to the recipient in its current state, must
include this .txt file, and may not be modified in
any way. under no circumstances is this level to be
distributed on cd-rom without prior written permission.
All textures in this level remain property of their respective owners.

quake iii arena is a registered trademark of
id software, inc.

copyright (c) 2000 Simon Webster & Stuart Hill
all rights reserved.