No Remorse!
No Remorse! by Wiebo de Wit

Wiebo files the final chapter of his Quake 3 mapping by handing out a small DM map. The level has its high points, but this last work feels a little forced. The drawn gates are a good feature but interfere with the player movement in two of the hallways. Some of the areas of the map could have used some texture variation to provide better orientation cues. The layout is mildly tight throughout the entire the map and while the hallway structure is good in some areas, the map has two controversial dead-ends. More pronounced is the fact that the Red Armour is the only major defensive item in the map. The presence of only 95 health in the map makes the game play predictable rather quickly. The limited weapon selection is true to Wiebo's tourney style (Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun), but the lack of open areas makes the Rocket Launcher and the Red Armour the obvious keys to the map. Anarki cannot take the Red Armour, keeping him relatively powerless despite the fact he is somewhat competent otherwise.

It is an okay level but Wiebo has released better and probably intended to simply move on. If you do not mind tampering with the legend, go ahead and give the bot a round or two.

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (6 votes)

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