Deadmeat by Pete Parisi

The meat series continues and Meat has outdone himself this time. This particular arena features impressive custom texturing and creative design.

The game flow is good throughout most of the map but some of the hallways could have used some extra width or higher ceilings and a faster route between from the Red Armour to the Megahealth. This would have created some tourney potential.

The switches in the level make the map somewhat gimmicky but would have made for some interesting game play in Team DM if it were supported. The items are placed okay throughout the map but there are too many major items on the bottom, including the Yellow Armour, the Megahealth, the Plasma Gun, the Rocket Launcher and the Quad Damage (I haven't figured out how to get Quad).

Additionally, you can find the Megahealth, 2 pairs of +25 health balls, 2 +50 health balls and 5 +5s health balls in a relatively tight area. All of this 325 health is at the bottom of the arena. The overwhelming presence of water is arguably a good reason why there is no Railgun. Ranger plays okay but could use other opponents in order to distract you.

It is unquestionably Meat's best work and is very playable in FFA. It may work okay as a Team DM map if switches are up your alley. Download it!

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary

How to get the Quad: Want to get the Quad? Check out this demo from richoi. Quake 3 and OpenArena versions are included in the download.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (52 votes)

Download: Deadmeat by Pete Parisi