Turtle Speedmap #3
Turtle Speedmap #3 by Various

The turtle map boys are back again. This time around we have some new offerings from some new authors. The list, in alphabetical order: ad5, akuma, amphetamine, bear, equim, grudge, gryndehl, keditok, qpsiren, scampie, shallow, systemkrash, vaarscha and zuggzugg. Akuma, as usual, has one of the best maps, with Equim's needing only to be relit! Amphetamine's Parklife CTF level gets top marks from me for pushing the genre, and Shallow for his excellent CTF level that just seems to do everything right. The FFA maps seemed on a par with tm2's, with more creativity this time: from Keditok's 'smoking room', a level filled totally with smoke, to scampie's unique 'Platzserie Station', that in the author's own words is a: Spacetrain Station Built on an asteroid in space. Keep up the great work guys! Bots were OK on almost all of the levels. zuggzugg's FFA is above average - in fact, it was very reminiscent of the best of Q2.

The official web site (now gone) has had a quick sum-up and a summary of each level.

Download it unless you are on dial up.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Menu issue patch: Whatscheiser has put together a patch file that corrects a Skirmish Menu issue and console warnings. (5th July, 2022)

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (19 votes)

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