Cachectic Machination
Cachectic Machination by Shallow[BAP]

This arena is built with many new textures and the lighting is great, particularly around the Lightning Gun area. The connectivity is very good although there needs to be another path to the Quad. There is a frame based jump that leads to the Grenade Launcher. A few good sounds have been used well to give the map additional atmosphere. The item placement is generally okay, but since the Quad is usually disabled for serious 1vs1 games, the placement only really works well for FFA. A popular solution would be to replace the Quad Damage with a Megahealth and then add a Yellow Armour between the two Shotgun clips. The two lower shotgun clips and the upper grenade clip are unnecessary. One of the two remaining shell clips can easily be removed. The bots play okay.

Overall it is a very good map but some simple item changes would have made it worthwhile for some competitive players. If you like visually clean arenas this level is a great download.

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (53 votes)

Download: Cachectic Machination by Shallow[BAP]