Cachectic Machination
Cachectic Machinations - BAP3DM2RC

BSP Name:

Tom "Shallow[BAP]" Waters

Release Date:
13 October 2001

Email Address:
**email removed**

Home Page: 'It seemed quite funny at the time.'

Quake 3 Arena DM
Tourney and Team available but this is mainly a FFA map

Stroggish architecture, mainly using rorshach's Clockwork Droid textures.

Beta testers (in no particular order):
Anwulf, Grom, TART, Furious George, Carniphage, Gar, Atomic XLR8R, RKone,
nitin, Baaaah!, sir_fragalot, keditok. (Sincere apologies to anyone I may have

Additional Thanks to:
id (because you have to thank id, it's the law)
rorshach for the awesome textures
shaderlab for more useful textures (which haven't made it into the final map, but
were incredibly useful during development)
The regulars at the Q3World forums (you know who you are)
The inmates of #terrafusion for stress-relieving tomfoolery

Previous work:
BAP3DM1 - Eat Steak (Q3A FFA map).
I have vast quantities of (unreleased) embarassing tat I made for Doom 2 and Quake
2 though.


* MAP Information *

New Textures:
Mainly textured with rorshach's Clockwork Droid texture set, originally made for
HeadHunters 3 mod:
rorshach's page:
Except for the following noted textures, all textures included in the pk3 are from
the above set.

black.jpg, bap3dm2pipe.tga, env_water.jpg, gromtag.jpg, ornjsky1.jpg, ornjsky2.jpg,
ornjsky3.jpg, gromtag.jpg - original textures by me. (Note ornjsky3.jpg is the
qer_editorimage for the sky, it isn't used in game, but you will need it if you want
to use the sky from this map exactly as I made it, so I included it)

proto_brik.jpg is an adapted version of an id Software texture from Quake 3 Arena.

* Construction *


Construction Time:
Uhm, no comment :)

Build programs:

Just over an hour

Compile machine:
Athlon 700, 512MB RAM

Editor used:
q3radiant 202
GtKRadiant1.1TA for the purpose of Bobtoolz
GtKRadiant1.1.1RC because it's very good

Other programs:
Editpad, PSP 5

* Copyright / Permissions *

The specific geometrical design and layout of this level is copyright 2001 Tom

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without the
explicit permission of the author. Custom textures remain the property of
their creators. (You will be better off sourcing these from their original creators'
websites, or a resource such as The Big House,
not from this pk3, by the way)

You may distribute this pk3 freely in any electronic format but you must NOT
charge for doing so.

Rorschach's Clockwork Droid Textures readme:

Made by me, driven by you?

Author : Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone (**email removed**)
webs : [current] - [old]

Usage : Place the PK3 file in Quake3/Baseq3 folder, load in Q3R texture window

Info : I made this texture set for Headhunters3 (
They are for everyones use. The hope of seeing the work i did become a building
block for the community to make some levels with a 'different' style is what has
made me release them.

I look foward to seeing what you all make. They can be used by any individual or
Mod/ TC / clan etc as long as its not to make money. If you want to make money or
enter a competition with a large prize im afraid thats a no no unless you want
to split the prize with me.


Request: Many of these textures have alpha channels. IF you produce good shaders
for use with these, please send me a copy when finalised so that they also may
be shared around for the benefit of the community.


id Software texture permissions

The texture proto_brik.jpg is derived from a texture contained within Quake 3 Arena.
The id texture is copyright id Software. The id texture may not be distributed
seperately from it's associated materials - it may be distributed ONLY as part of a
map or mod intended for use with Quake 3 Arena or Quake 3: Team Arena.

Original textures readme "Bad Apple textures"

The original textures included within this map are copyright Tom Waters. You are free
to use the Bad Apple textures and their associated shader scripts for other non-commercial
maps and modifications, provided I receive a clear credit in the documentation. Commercial
exploitation of these textures is not permitted.

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