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================================================================ Title : Rockit (Let there be Rocks!) Date : 09.01.00 Filename : rockit.bsp Author : "1stBloodHunter" Email Address : **email removed** Home Page : earth-quake3.de.vu Description : deathmatch level for quake3 or also good for cpma Additional Credits to : ID software ================================================================ * Play Information * Single Player : No Deathmatch : Yes, 2+ Difficulty Settings : No * Construction * Editor(s) used : GTK Q3Radiant Known Bugs : nothing i know Build Time : Dunno Compile machine : Amd XP 1700+ with 128M ram Compile Time : not very much Brushes : yes * other Informations * It`s just a small Rocket Arena stille map i`ve made,but also try it out with cpma it makes really fun. Next Time i want to make somethink more impressive. * Copyright / Permissions * distribute non commercially freely, but please include this textfile with the map.
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