Masafi Oasis
Masafi Oasis by Knight Cloud

A small tower area with two surrounding courtyards, one with a Plasma Gun and Shot Gun, the other with a Rocket Launcher, MegaHealth, and Medkit. Right around the corner from the MegaHealth is a red armour.

The layout of the level is pretty good, and has good flow throughout. Several textures are missing from the .pk3, resulting in trees with grey and white bark, and some walls without textures. The Quad and invisibility spawn in the exact same location, so that you can pick them up together. The item placement makes it a game of "who's got the power-up" which can only be fun for so long.

Not a keeper.

Reviewed by amethyst7.

Missing textures? Mapsking has sent in a small patch file that will correct the missing textures. 7th Oct, 2019

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: Masafi Oasis by Knight Cloud