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Masafi Oasis
Released: 8/July/2001 ================================================================================= * General Details * Title : Masafi Oasis Filename : map-Masafi.pk3 Maps : masafi.bsp Author : Knight Cloud Email Address : **email removed** Website : Comeing Soon ;) Description : These map I made for my Country Eamarets ,I have make a Oasis cos there is in my country water come from the hills call it Masafi so i just think and make see tourney map as Masafi :D The map was designed for Tourney games, but you'll find that FFA games are very enjoyable, even if I say so myself. ================================================================================= * Instructions * 1) Extract map-Masafi.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory 2) Start Quake3 3) The map will be accessable from the menu or type in /map masafi in the console 4) Or Just go to levels tupe and you find it there ================================================================================= * Play Information * Game Type : Tourney ,Free For All Players : 2-4 Bot Support : Yes Ctf Support : No Difficulties : No ================================================================================= * Construction * Base : Original Editor used : Q3radiant 202 Computer : P3-800mhz, 256 meg, Windows 98 Compile time : 50min FullVis Known Bugs : No ,If you find email me. Build time : About 3 days. ================================================================================= * Credits * ID Software for Quake III Arena. =================================================================================
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