Dead Simple (5)
Dead Simple (5) by BerneyBoy

A built-from-scratch Doom2 remake of Dead Simple, where the mapper has taken some artistic license. Two Maps are included with this download: Doom_rail-v2 (Railgun only) and Doom_all-v2 (All weapons except BFG). As with all downloads that include same map - different item/weapon placement versions, you need a reason to include the extra maps. Here, the rail gun only version could have easily been left out. There are a few errors in the readme file - such as incorrect filenames and the suggestion to choose CTF to play the map. I mention this only to show that the author has included all the necessary files but failed to polish his submission. This is reflected in the level as well. Lighting is good, item placement is ok, frame rate is good, texturing is ok. The result is an OK map but for what is basically a box map more polish is required to move it up from mediocre to excellent and make it a keeper. Bots play the level fine. Not recommended for Tourney.

You won't be keeping it.

Reviewed by Brad "notime" Kiefer

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (35 votes)

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