Kill Factor
Kill Factor by RUSKULL ]CWA[

This map is the last remnant of a mod by the same name. The layout pits two opposing fortresses in a snowy mountain range. The architecture is creative and compact. There are lots of tunnels to get turned around in. The only flaws I found are the launch tubes and the area where the Power Suit spawns in each base. The launch tubes are in the form of huge cannons built into the facade of each base. While the idea is a winner, I got stuck every time I tried to use the launch tubes. The power suit area is just perplexing. There are jump pad textures that don't seem to let you jump and a hidden jump pad in the middle of the lava/slime.

Grab this to kick start your creativity, but you won't be playing it long term.

Reviewed by BadMonkey

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (7 votes)

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