Kill Factor
- File Information -------------------------------------------------------- 09.01.2001 ---

Title : Kill Factor
Filename : Killfactor.pk3
Author : RUSKULL ]CWA[
Email Address : **email removed**
**email removed**
Web Site :
Previous Releases : sacrifice for Quake3

Installation : Place killfactor.pk3 into your baseq3 directory wherever you installed
Quake3: Arena. The map should be accessible from the Multiplayer menu
or by typing "/map killfactor" in the console without the quotes.

play information

skills 0,1,2,3: no
tourney: no
deathmatch: no
CTF: yes
Bot File (aas): yes
other: no
new sounds: no
new graphics: yes
new music: no


Description : Good CTF map for 8-12 players.
Easy for beginners, clever for experts, hope you enjoy.
This map is the only remains of a MOD intended for Quake3 called "Kill Factor".
Now it's just a fun old-school style CTF map. In fact, playing Team Fortress
from the classic Quake days was the inspiration for the double fortress look,
as well as for the would be MOD.

Thanks to Sky-Mawbsta ]CWA[ for who's advice helped mould this map.

Visit the CWA homepage at

-- Copyright / Permissions

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided you include this
.TXT file and leave the archive intact with no modifications. If you would
like to use this map in any other way, contact me via **email removed**