Return To Atlantis
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Title - Return To Atlantis
PK3 Filename - q3a2.pk3
Author - Tim "Imric" Bourne
Email Address - **email removed**
Home Page -
Description - Quake3: Arena Deathmatch and Tourney
level based on Pingu's Quake 1 level a2.
Date Published - 31 August 2001.
Re-Released - 02 September 2001.
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-= Play Information =-
Bot Play - Yes
Deathmatch - Yes (q3a2dm)
Teamplay - No
Tourney - Yes (q3a2tourney)
Capture The Flag - No
Player load - 2 - 4
Spawn Points - 8
New Sounds - No
New Textures - Yes (MrCleaN's 2nd Texture set)
New Models - No

-= Installation =-
Extract the .pk3 file into your baseq3 directory in your
Quake3 folder.

-= Construction =-
Base - Quake 1 Level a2 by Pingu.
Editors used - Q3Radiant v202.
Utilities used - Q3Map, Q3Build, BSPC, notepad.
Known Bugs - Some of the curves do not align
correctly in high detailed settings.
Nothing I can do about that, sorry!
Compile Machine - AMD K7 Athlon "Thunderbird" 1000Mhz
with 512Mb (PC 133) SDRAM.

-= Beta Testers / Feedback =-
Clan Testers:
Blokey - Clan Unreal
Luke - Clan Unreal
Adam - Clan Unreal
Requiem - Clan Unreal
Kilem - Clan 4Kings
Sid - Clan Enemy
Mozilla - Clan Demonic Core
Farside - Clan Gunzoids
Rephlex - Clan Gunzoids
d3nial - Clan Induce

Other Testers:

-= Thanks =-
Special thanks to Pingu who alowed me to re-create his Quake 1 map: a2,
Mr CleaN for his texture pack,
id Software for Quake3: Arena,
All of my beta testers, great job lads!

-= Other Quake 3 Arena Levels By Imric =-
MilkDM2 - Destitute Illusions
MilkDM1 - Milk Arena

-= Classic Quake Arena Levels By Imric =-
cqadm7 - Back To School (Quake 1 Level b2s by Pingu)
cqadm4 - Return To Atlantis (Quake 1 Level a2 by Pingu)

-= Notes =-
This is the 2nd release of q3a2 after the first had a texture bug.

The pk3 file contains two editions of the map. A deathmatch version,
with an item and weapon layout close to the original.
The second version of the map is a duel level. I have spent alot of
time tweaking the item and weapon layout with some of the UK's top duel
Also, people may have noticed that the level has no ambiant sounds, this
is because my testers basicly told me not to add them, as they prefer maps
without them.

-= Copyright / Permissions =-
Any public servers may use this level, just tell me, so I
can come play! Also, any competitions wishing to use this level,
feel free to do so.

Authors MAY NOT (unless they have concent from myself or Pingu)
use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this
file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file
in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) so long
as you make no profit from it and include this file intact.

If profit is made from distributing this level, 100% of the
proceeds MUST go to a good cause. Also, hand written consent
must be gained from myself.

If this map is wanted to go on a magazine coverdisk, please
e-mail me (**email removed**) to gain concent. A free
copy of the magazine must also be sent to me (fair's fair).

-= Where to get this level =-
Imric's Homepage -