by Deny
DQ3A by Deny

Vast, featureless expanses of gray platforms scattered with items. A few small pillars support the upper platforms, but are no wider than the player box, so provide limited cover. Angled j-pads are spaced around the perimeter of every altitude to elevate players a level or two. Other than that, the only objects to protrude above the floor are the players themselves. Standard space map textures are used well and the lighting is moody if a little dark.

There's a sizeable armoury of items across this map, although the distances will have you strafe-jumping to get what you need. The exclusion of the Rail Gun seems surprising at first, given the type of map, but it's probably the most sensible piece of item placement in there. The least sensible is the location of Shards, MegaHealth, Medkit and Teleport Rune on treacherously narrow ledges.

Falling is more common than the size of the map suggests; each altitude is placed almost exactly above another, with little overlap. Attempting to drop downwards is risky. There are no trimrails, so weapon impact can also push players over the edge.

The simplicity of the architecture allows the rendering of a fair number of players, which is just as well since the size of the map requires as many bodies as you can muster. Bots play well, because all they have to do is run and shoot.

Neatly built, but game play is flatter than the floor texture.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (7 votes)

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