Bullet Ride
Bullet Ride by Qthulu

You could call 'Bullet Ride' a pocket version of q3dm13,but there's a lot more to it than that. A very compact layout with a lot of connectivity woven in. Small corridors burrow through the heart of the map, archways lead to stairways that lead to rooms, and there are 3 teleporters (2 linked together). Indeed it's quite daunting to initially learn the layout, but persevere, because it's the connectivity that really makes this map a keeper.

The central, open air atrium has several platforms and doorways and contains both the Red Armour and MegaHealth. They seem a little close together, but the author states in the readme that control of these two items is the pivot of game play. This area is certainly a focus, but there is plenty of action elsewhere.

The arsenal on offer consists of Shot Gun, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun and Rail Gun. This is a great combination, each has benefits in the layout. The Rail Gun feels tricky at first, what with all the corners and small rooms, but play the map against Xaero and you'll soon learn the distances across which the Rail Gun can be used.

The id Gothic wad is used here with control and maturity, with some less common textures making an appearance. A few simple but attractive features have been built, like the pillars ranked around the window of the RG room and the rusty chains strung across skylights. Though there is perhaps a few too many pentagrams in the ceiling.

This map makes you want to play it again and again because it has something so many don't - character. You know the kind of character that is old, shrewd and gets all the best dialogue. Bots play the map well.

An excellent addition to anyone's collection of Tournament levels.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (20 votes)

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