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Electric Substation 30 by fKd
On Electric Substation 30
Porto posted: One very important thing that you should try to avoid (in my opinion) are doors that don't function but look like they can. Also keep in mind the maximum jump distance and try to play with that because it's really fun to just fly over a map that's tricky to navigate but opens a ton of possibilities when you are able to.
The Killing Machine by the Shib
On The Killing Machine
Obsessed posted: It seems to me, such direct conversion isn't nice: the whole level is felt tight and LG becomes a deadly weapon (imho). LG is placed too close to PG, and the "open corner" is left w/o any weapon. The lift there is located so that it hinders jumping a little, I'd place a jumppad instead (imho, again). SG area seems to be unnecessary to visit at all, I'd place some more powerful weap there. That's all why this conversion again provoked me to another remake, and I hope I can finish it soon enough. =)
I loved this map, when playing Q2. It was difficult to resist. :D
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Kepple Bay by dONKEY
On Kepple Bay
ZungryWare posted: This map looks super amazing! Every room looks completely unique, so it's never a mystery where you are. And not a single room looks boring or like it's copied from another map. I kinda prefer maps with plenty of sight-lines to other rooms, but that's clearly not possible in this case without ruining what makes it so great, so I don' think it's even a problem.
Mustaine Madness by ParadoX
On Mustaine Madness
trilinearnz posted: The first custom map I ever played, and it's quality in terms of visuals and fast gameplay still stands up remarkably well. The redness of the void contrasts beautifully with the blue megahealth area. Tried it recently with 8 players and was an absolute blast. Highly recommended!
Running Man by AKUTA
On Running Man
Elec27 posted: Nice map.
Solitude by Hipshot
On Solitude
Obsessed posted: Extremely atmospheric map! And all this design in no way hurts the gaming aspect. There are a couple of features done so subtly that I just can't imagine how it was done. =)
No One by r3x.theCat
On No One
Obsessed posted: "Sadly, no bot support"
WHY?!!!11 (((((((((