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DIFFICULTY:MAXIMAL First Person Edition by D-Meat
On DIFFICULTY:MAXIMAL First Person Edition
ZaRR posted: Just completed the map and must say that it's simply the best defrag map I've played. The last stage was indeed difficult but not for so long.
Thanks for such great map!
CTF Longest Yards by Schlong Chimp
On CTF Longest Yards
leilei posted: Ignore Fragtastic. He always comments on every old map assuming the author's still there reading the comments after 17 years, and he's been recently exposed as a fraud for submitting someone else's map from 2001 as his own work.
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CTF Longest Yards by Schlong Chimp
On CTF Longest Yards
Chimp posted: At the time DM17 wasn't a "classic".. I put this out about 2 weeks after Q3 came out. It was a huge pain because Radiant didn't handle the mirroring very well. I ended up doing the mirroring in a text editor, then importing that. If you don't like it, don't download it, or better yet... do your own map, and enjoy the thoughtful critique and advice people will give you.
georgejjburns posted: baris in the console of q3a, type /g_gametype 3 and the /map akutadm1 and then the game will start in tdm mode on this map. you can add bots or whatever from there.
Octopus Revenge by LordSquart
On Octopus Revenge
georgejjburns posted: gameplay is really fun for this, and looks awesome!
Deep Purple by AKUTA
On Deep Purple
georgejjburns posted: I like the fact that there is no pitfalls on this map, makes it a lot better than the original, and makes the gameplay better. It is a little dark though ;/, but so was the original I guess, I guess that's the way this map is idk, I thought it was fun
Desert Temple by LordSquart
On Desert Temple
georgejjburns posted: very cool map indeed!
Core Gravity Drive by AKUTA
On Core Gravity Drive
georgejjburns posted: After playing this map for a while I think there is too much ammo on it, but I think it still has great replay value!