Title : Vesperas , long name : "Final Doom Level 13"
Filename : vesperas.pk3
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Site :
Description : Gothic Medium Sized Map , bot support , team , ffa
Custom Files : 4 Custom textures and a mapobject

1 ) Extract vesperas.pk3 into your /Quake3/baseq3/ directory
2 ) Start Quake3
3 ) To play type at console "/sv_pure 0" then "/map trifixion" or choose single player skirmish , chose the map and start it without pure server toggled

* Play Information *

Settings : Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch
Players : 4 to 8
Bot Support : Bots don't play in the regeneration item part of the map , they don't understand how to get out of the pentagram room

* Construction *

Build Time : 3 weeks during november 2000
Compile Time : an hour on Duron 650@1000Mhz 320Mo Ram [q3map full vis -light]
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant, the only way to fly
Adobe Photoshop 5.0

Known Bugs : U have to enter the box to get the bfg ammo and the invisibility items
This is due to these items nature in quake3 , i cannot fix that unless I delete the doors , a thing I don't want to , to stay in the spirit of the original map
The Invisibility Item do not respawn , this is volunteer and it's the same in Final Doom , so it's not a bug
* Other Info *
This map is an adaptation from the level13 of Final Doom : Vesperas

Other maps by autor
Damned Corridor _ Q3CTF555 _ Trifixion and more soon :)
Also a few half life maps and an opposing force mission i didn't released yet

Special Thanks:
To Spank For the lava texture
To Dom for his help on design tips
To BAM my brother for his totally empty baseq3 for testing :)
To Droid[KLESKS] for the Loading Screenshot and testing .
Thanks to Fallen[KLESKS] for his server and for testing the map .
Thanks to JMA[KLESKS] , Ghost[KLESKS] , Swipe[KLESKS] , Dobber[KLESKS] , Dogs[KLESKS] and all the KLESKS I forgot for beta testing .

Thanks to IdSoftware for This marvelous Game that Quake3 Arena and Doom are .
Thanks to all mappers and q3 players who are giving me motivation for working on my maps
Thanks to LVL for their contribution in motivating mappers

Thanks To Nunuk for his help and feedbacks about the music thing even if I did not included the original Doom Theme

* Distribution *

Feel free to distribute this file in any form, incl. on CD media, as long as proper credit is given and this text file has not been
edited in any way.
For feedback or comments email me at: **email removed**