::::::::::::::::: Storm3tourney9: Arctica :::::::::::::::::::::::

Title: Arctica
File Name: Storm3Tourney9
Author: Justin 'StormShadow' Ingels
Contact info: **email removed**
Gametypes: tourney, 2v2 tdm, and small FFA.
To play: Map will show up in your menu. However, you can type /map storm3tourney9 <enter> into console.

Textures: Arctic Texture pack by Yogi
Evil6 texture set by Evil Lair

Gameplay notes: This is supposed to be a fast-paced tournament style map. Bots play OK but favor the RA area. There are
a couple interesting jump/slide options in this map - some require a little skill and practice.

Thanks to: Yogi and Evil Lair for the textures, Maverick Servers for running the competition, the contest sponsors,
the judges, my fellow competitors, and everyone involved.

Notes: This map was produced and released for the NoGhost SUmmer mapping competition:

Distribution: This map cannot be distributed for commercial gain or profit without my permsission. Do no distribute the map without
an unaltered version of this readme file (storm3tourney9.txt) without my permission.

Any feedback? Comments? Feel free to email me: **email removed**

Enjoy playing the map!